Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh Look How Smart I Am!

Well, I just took my IQ test. So did Peter. Then we compared. There were a few questions that had more than one possible answer. The saddest part is.....drum roll please.... we then went through to see what score someone would get who didn't know all the answers. We intentionally answered half of them wrong. What was our IQ? Another drum roll please! ........ 122! Then we went through and intentionally answered EVERY question wrong. What was our IQ? 92. It told us we were about average. Huh?!?

You gotta love how these tests inflate the IQ's they give people. Then they tell all their friends about it, and everyone comes to take their test, and everyone feels really smart. Yay for all of us smart people.

For the record, I never did figure out the mixed up letters one, and I happen to live in California. So, really my "real" IQ would have suffered from their putting the letters into two different groups. That really was tripping me up and actually made me feel kind of stupid. But it didn't matter, because my IQ is 132! Hahahahahaha!

Testriffic IQ test

Idol Girls

I'm not going to bother narrowing it to three. There are five I LOVE:

Lakisha Jones
Melinda Doolittle
Sabrina Sloan
Jordin Sparks
Stephanie Edwards

And, I'll AGAIN say goodbye to Antonella Barba. The other to drop out is hard, not because I like the rest so much or anything, but because the other three are so similar in their mediocrity. But, I think I'll go with Gina Glocksen, because her pitch was worse than the others, even though compared to Alaina, Haley, and Leslie she has a much stronger nicer voice.

So, for tomorrow, to leave, I pick:
Antonella Barba
Gina Glocksen
Sanjaya Malakar
AJ Tabaldo

Sorry guys...

My Hair, Revisited

Well, you guys were absolutely no help about my hair! Oh well. I took matters into my own hands and I decided to get a leave-in conditioner (Garnier Fructis) and a Dove anti-frizz cream. They basically have the same purpose, so I don't use them at the same time. Then, I'm trying to train my hair to part on the side, because that goes better with my face shape, which seems to be somewhere between round, square, and heart-shaped, depending on how chunky my face feels like being. I think I left heart behind years ago, really, but I still have the pointy chin as a reminder. Anyway, today I parted my hair, put in the Dove, then blow dried my hair on the warm setting, then put a tiny bit of gel on the places that I had flyaways. When I was done, it kind of reminded me of one of those sexy 50's hairdos...I know, I flatter myself. I doubt it will last more than an hour, once I decide to actually touch it, instead of pretending like my head is made out of glass.

Idol Guys

Well, they did much better this time. I've gotta say, if Sanjaya doesn't go home this week... well, I can't really say anything because we've already established that America and I don't see eye to eye. But, really, out of all 10 guys, he REALLY did the worst. Chris Richardson was really close to my top three last week, and this week, he was my favorite. And Sundance Head finally proved to me that he even deserves to be this far in the competition, although he definitely wasn't my favorite. I loved Blake Lewis' performance, although Randy was right and it did get a little "pitchy" in places. He's such a talented singer though! And the other guy to make it into my top three, again, is Phil Stacy. I love his voice.

My guesses for who will go home:
Sanjaya Malakar
AJ Tabaldo

We'll see if I did a better job of guessing this time around...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby Steps

That's right! Little Chub took two of 'em! All on her own. She's taken a couple of steps before when we were holding her hands and then let go suddenly, but last night, she was holding onto a chair and then wanted to keep going, so she let go and walked two steps before losing her balance! Woohoo! What a cutie! My prediction was that she would walk on March 26, Peter's was March 12. I guess we'll have to see! She's the youngest of her playgroup friends, so the only one not walking right now...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Hair

I've been thinking that my hair needs a little bit of a makeover. Nothing really super huge, just, maybe using some products (gasp!) in it or something. I'm really tired of having this inbetween straight and curly hair that is closer to straight but has WAY too much wave in it to look good with any haircut or to look good after a shower and doing nothing but brushing it. The problem is that I have no idea how! I mean, I do know one way, which is to blow dry it, which I'm maybe willing to do. But is there anything else I can do? What do pretty haired people do?

I also have these really lame wispies that are way shorter than normal ones because they are hair that is growing back from being pulled out by Little Chub when she was younger. They go across my forehead and straight down my part, which looks really horrendous. But I guess I'll probably just have to wait for those to grow out...

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Personality Quiz

I've taken that quiz 4 or 5 times now. That's the first time I've ever gotten a P at the end. The first couple times, I was INTJ, and I don't remember what the T stands for. Then the next couple times I was INFJ. Now I'm INFP. The two things that have remained constant over the years (since I was 16) are introverted and intuitive. I've changed from judging to perceiving and from thinking to feeling, although the latter is a category that my answers almost defintiely depend on my mood. There are always several questions in quizzes like these that could go either way for me, so my mood is what determines the answer. I'm sure it's like this for most people. I think it's really funny that I scored 100% on the introverted part. It doesn't surprise me, but it's still funny.

Anyway, I have way too much fun with these darn personality tests. I could get caught up in them for hours, and they never really tell me anything new.

My Personality

Your Type is


Strength of the preferences %

INFP type description by D.Keirsey
INFP type description by J. Butt

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
  • very expressed introvert
  • slightly expressed intuitive personality
  • slightly expressed feeling personality
  • slightly expressed perceiving personality

American Idol, Plus Extra!

Well, I was almost 1 out of 4. But I changed my mind at the last second to kicking Sanjaya off instead of Rudy, and well, Rudy's gone now. So are Paul Kim, Amy Krebs, and Nichole Tranquillo. I'm quite shocked. America has proven to me that what they're looking for in a musical icon has less to do with musicality than one might originally think when hearing the word 'singer'. Oh well. To quote myself from yesterday, what do I know? America and I, we just don't see eye to eye.

Speaking of not seeing eye to eye with America, I think our entire justice system needs a rehaul. I've been thinking this for years, but when people end up getting sentenced to years in jail for throwing a cup of ice into the car next to them, or arrested for breaking down the door of an apartment with a sword trying to save someone they think is being raped, but being mistaken because it's actually only porn they're hearing through the walls, I get really really really frustrated. Fed up, really. It makes me want to DO something, but then, I remember that the way our 'democracy' is set up, my voice actually DOESN'T count for anything (see Bush vs Gore, 2000), which is another source of my frustration. Our whole government needs a rehaul. But, in my opinion, the only perfect government is one in which God is the leader, or someone who has the authority to speak and act for him, and I just don't see that happening anytime soon. In the meantime (until the Millenium), we can probably at least make some small changes, but our country is so attached to the Constitution that it's not likely to happen. The irony of it is that people uphold the Constitution, and they want to preserve the ideas in it, but at the same time, many of them want to remove the religion from it, which was central to its formation. I'm so blessed to live in this privileged country--I definitely won't argue with that. But I think there is some major improvement that needs to happen.

Sorry to rant. I guess one thought just led to another...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol Girls

Well, I had the opposite problem than I thought I would. The girls really outperformed the guys. The only one that really doesn't deserve to come back is Antonella, just like I predicted.

These five girls were all really good:
Jordin Sparks
Melinda Doolittle
Lakisha Jones
Sabrina Sloan
Stephanie Edwards

If I had to pick three (like I said I would), I would have to go with:
Sabrina Sloan
Stephanie Edwards
Lakisha Jones

And that list would probably have been different if I wrote it 10 minutes ago, or 10 minutes in the future, because those 5 were all so good. Really, I liked almost all of them. There were a few bad notes here and there that kinda made me cringe. I thought it was particularly interesting that I agreed with almost everything Simon had to say the whole night, but I disagreed with Randy a lot. Does that mean that I'm mean? He was right about Gina Glocksen's note--she hit the top one that she was going for but then came down to a different pitch for an extended amount of time that really hurt my musical senses. And there was probably only one singer all night who did runs that actually sounded right with the music (I'm generally not a fan of runs because they detract from the music unless they're done just right), and that was Lakisha Jones. Anyhow, I guess tonight we'll see what the rest of America thought. I'll make some predictions just for the fun of it, even though it's likely the rest of America doesn't see eye to eye with me on lots of stuff.

Guys to Leave:
Sundance Head
Sanjaya Malakar

Girls to Leave:
Antonella Barba
Leslie Hunt

What do I know?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol

Since Peter's been away doing his study group at nights recently, I've been watching TV some of the times that he's gone. So I've been watching American Idol, and this is the first season I've ever watched more than one episode in. Last night, the top 12 guys performed.

My top three are:
Blake Lewis
Phil Stacey
Jared Cotter

In no particular order.

In my opinion, Sundance Head should never have made it past Hollywood, because his performance there in the groups was one of the most hideous things I've ever heard. It really annoys me that they dropped out other people who sang and performed better than him in Hollywood just because they really liked his original audition. I could be wrong, but I thought each stage of the audition process was supposed to be based on the current audition. But of course, they want a nice show, so they keep people in based on potential and stuff like that. Money always wins.

Sometimes I really question what's going on in those judges heads. When they got to the last two girls, while choosing the top 24 contestants (12 girls, 12 guys), they sent home a girl who could really sing, and kept the girl that couldn't remember her lyrics, was really mean, and didn't have anything special to her voice. That decision was an easy one for me, and they chose the opposite. I will be surprised if Antonella makes it past the first round of the top 24.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll put my top 3 girls up, although I don't really expect to like the girls as much because I've always liked male voices better...

My Nerd Score

I am nerdier than 65% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Looks like I have lots of residual nerdiness...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Little Chub's New Bed

Well, we did it! We finally sprung for a Uhaul, and we went and bought Little Chub her own twin sized bed. I decided on Friday that the next day, we were getting a bed no matter what. So, I looked on craigslist and found someone who was selling a brand new in the wrapping with warranty twin mattress with boxspring for $127. I arranged to meet with them (at their warehouse), we rented a Uhaul cargo van, and we went and bought the mattress. We actually ended up buying the next mattress up, which she sold to me for $177, because it has a 15 year warranty, and it seemed like a better quality mattress.

I decided that since I would probably never have a Uhaul again, I was going to try my darnedest to find a free couch to pick up too, but it had to pass the looks test, because once I bring one 'new' couch into this house, Peter will buck against me ever getting a different one, no matter how ugly the one we have is. As it is, he thinks our caved in, stained, and incredibly uncomfortable loveseat is sufficient, and doesn't understand why I want a long, comfy, you-can-lay-down-and-read-a-book-in-it couch, and preferably one that is nice-ish looking (and I'm really not all that picky, because most couches are a major improvement over what we have!).

Craigslist again--I found a nice looking long blue comfy couch for free, first come first served, pick it up off the sidewalk sort of deal. I really wanted to hurry to get that couch! So after we picked up the bed, we ate lunch, checked our email, brought the bed upstairs, and then went to get the couch. The person who offered it said they would take down the ad when it was taken. The ad was still up! It was feeling urgent though. We drove across several towns about 30 minutes to where the couch was located. WAS is the operative word here. When we got there, it was gone. WAHHHH! We drove all the way back home (mind you, we're paying .59 a mile here, and this was not exactly close to our house), and I spent the next several hours checking and rechecking every source I could think of to find a couch we could get, to no avail. We ended up taking the van back, with no new couch.

Overall, though, I have to say the day was a winner. Peter didn't see the need for a bed for Little Chub either (which I assure him would change if he had to wake up several times a night to feed her), so getting the bed was a W for me. I was the one that ended up driving it all over the whole bay area, because Peter was tired, and he followed me everywhere in our car, with Little Chub. I ended up really enjoying this--it was kind of exhilarating, which probably makes Real and Mommymonster9 laugh, and shows that I need to get out more...

The best part is, we have the bed on the floor, next to our bed, which is also on the floor, and Little Chub has spent the last three nights with plenty of room to sleep the way she likes to, and hasn't woken up more than three times on any of those nights! Last night I realized she was waking up one of the times because I nursed her, and then fell asleep afterward without rolling away from her and giving her lots of space, and after that she slept till the morning. YAY! Hopefully it's just a matter of time now until she learns to sleep all night long. I'm hoping this happens before #2 comes along in September...

For now, YAY for Little Chub's bed!

Monday, February 19, 2007

HOORAY! She's 1!

Happy Birthday Little Chub! Today was a happy special day! We were very lucky that Little Chub's birthday fell on President's Day this year, so Daddy had the day off from school! (He still had tons of homework, but he put that off until late in the day so we could have fu-u-un!)

This morning, we went to the beach with some friends. It was pretty cold, as it always is at the beaches in northern California, but the sky was deep blue and the waves were beautiful!

When we got home, we had to hurry and makes two kinds of cake and a couple of pizzas. Lucky for us, a lot of our friends had volunteered to make some pizzas too, so we only had to make two! Little Chub's party was lots of fun. There were tons of people crammed into our backyard, all friends that live here in our neighborhood, Escondido Village, and who are also in our ward. We are in a really picture perfect ideal situation here for making friends!
Then, some of our friends invited us over to look at the moon and stars through their 8 in telescope, which was awesome! (And she was asking me questions about Little Chub's birth, which made me all excited, because talking about birth, especially natural childbirth, really gets my heartrate up.)
So, now Little Chub is asleep, hopefully for the night, and not for a nap, and today has been one of the greatest days in a long time! :o)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Braxton Hicks? Nursing Contractions?

Last night and today, both times while nursing Little Chub to sleep, I felt the oh-so-familiar tightening of my lower belly accompanied by that feeling in my chest (that I think Real once described to me as blood pressure lowering?). So, if I was several weeks further along, this wouldn't seem strange to me at all, BUT I am only somewhere between 8 and 10 weeks along. It does seem too coincidental that both times I was lying down and nursing, but do nursing contractions feel the same as Braxton Hicks? They were completely painless. Both times I was also wearing pants that were not really tight, but you could say they were 'holding me in'. Anyhow, I'm confused. Not really worried, but, I had actually forgotten Braxton Hicks even existed, just to give you some idea of how unexpected that feeling was. It took me a minute last night to realize where I remembered that feeling from... Oh yeah, and I know it was my uterus, because it felt the same as a Braxton Hicks, but it was only located where my actual uterus is, so not as widespread a feeling as Braxton Hicks in mid-late pregnancy.

Any insights?

My Little Chub

Yesterday's Food

Large slice of Peter's Valentine's Day ice cream cake

Leftovers of my calzone from Valentine's Day

A small amount of even more ice cream cake

Spicy nacho Doritos
~1/2 chicken breast sandwich w/ tomato, lettuce, onion, mustard and low fat mayo

Um...yah. I wrote this down because of how embarrassing it is. I'm actually proud of myself for the dinner though (the chicken sandwich part of it anyway) because I was craving a hamburger, like a Whopper, and I went for the much healthier alternative of the homemade grilled chicken sandwich. Even the Doritos don't catch me up to what a Whopper would have done.

And about the ice cream cake for breakfast--it may seem weird, but in reality it lowers my overall calories for the day because you can bet your bottom dollar I would have still had the cake sometime later, even if I had eaten a normal breakfast. It's my "minimize the harmful effects of junk food" technique. It also works for yummy things like pumpkin chocolate chip bread or pumpkin pie, etc.

And since there are only two of us, we still have half the cake left! AHHHH!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our Valentine's Day

This has never been much of a special day for us. I always try to make it kind of special, but, well, as they say, it takes two to tango... I was watching the news last night as Peter was studying on campus, and they were showing long lines of guys in floral shops and candy stores, and they asked someone about if he felt pressured on Valentine's Day and showed him saying, "I think all guys are in the same boat when it comes to feeling pressured." HAHAHA! Yeah, anyway, that's all I'll say about that.

So, in the morning, I made Peter an ice cream cake (2 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice cream in the middle, and topped with a chocolate whipped cream frosting). This was really yummy! He actually came home for lunch unexpectedly because he finished an assignment early, while Little Chub and I were playing with her friend Oliver, and the smell of the cake was permeating the house so much that he went searching the kitchen for the source, and of course, found the incomplete ice cream cake. So as soon as I got home, I made up the frosting (~1/3 cup powdered sugar, ~1/4 cup cocoa, heavy whipping cream, beat it all until it's VERY stiff, then add vanilla and voila! Yummy yummy yummy!) and we ate some cake then instead of having it for dessert after dinner. Earlier in the day, I ordered calzones and garlic cheese bread to be delivered at the time Peter was supposed to arrive home. Unfortunately, he asked questions, so I answered them, and this was not a surprise either, AND he ended up arriving home a couple minutes before the calzones were delivered anyway. So we ate our calzones, and he rushed off back to school, to arrive home around 1:30am. Oh yeah, Little Chub and I made a heart shaped construction paper card for Daddy, that she colored on a little bit, which is what I think he liked the most.

Days like yesterday only serve to show me how selfish and greedy I am. It's really kind of depressing if I think about it too much.

And why is it that I haven't had anything positive to say in the last couple weeks? I think I need an attitude adjustment...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Little Chub's Upcoming Birthday Party

Obviously, I've never held a birthday party for a child of mine, as Little Chub is #1, and she's turning 1. We have quite a few people that we've gotten to know pretty well, and Little Chub has a little playgroup that she plays with outside three times a week. So, we've been wanting to have a little party for her to get all of her and our friends together to celebrate her big day (even though she has no idea it is a big day...).

This is really "nervous-making" for me. (To steal an appropriate phrase/word from the book Pretties.)

We decided we're going to have homemade pizza, and one of our friends actually offered to make some and bring them, too, which I actually accepted because it really will be a big help. Then, there's the cake. Or cakeS. How many to make? What flavor? How much ice cream should I have? What flavor/s? And what about little side food items? Decorations? Having a CLEAN HOUSE?? What should Little Chub wear? When should I try to give her a nap that day? Should I give her her own cake? Who should I invite? Should I invite neighbor Y if I'm already inviting neighbor X? What time should the party be so that all of the little one year olds are happy?

Anyway, I'm still excited about it. But I haven't been part of this world ever (because inviting friends over when you're a kid just doesn't carry the same burden of responsibility), so I'm not used to entertaining large groups of non-family people. We'll see how it goes! Monday!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Migraine

It's been a long time, I know, but for some reason I just haven't felt like writing. In the meantime, I've been planning fun stuff like Little Chub's 1st Birthday Party, and what I'll do for Peter for Valentine's Day. Both of those include lots of yummy things to bake. Yum yum!

While I was at the store last night getting supplies for both events, I lost about 40-50% of my vision, from the sides and the top. I knew from past experience that this meant a migraine was coming on soon, so I rushed to do the last thing I needed, then went and grabbed a new bottle of Tylenol (a substitute, really) since we were out at home, and drove home, very worried that Peter was going to be gone all night and I would have to deal with Little Chub with one of the incapacitating kinds of migraines. (They vary for me, from really painful to crying in my bed in a dark room with something cold on my head and covering my eyes, with no sounds nearby if at all possible, and throwing up.) The normal pattern for a bad one starts with the vision loss. BUT, if I can catch them early with Tylenol, before my head starts to hurt, I can usually stave off the worst, and sometimes all, of the pain. So I rushed home (with Little Chub SCREAMING the whole way), where I found, to my delight, that Peter had gotten home early! I took my Tylenol (lots, because I needed it), and lay on the couch with a sweater over my head, trying to see if I could keep the migraine from getting bad. My head was hurting, and throbbing a little, as my migraines always do, but, it never got to the incapacitating point! I also ate some ice cream (which I had conveniently purchased at the store, for Peter's special Valentine's treat I'm going to make, and for Little Chub's party). It was wonderful! It had been such a long time! Yummy delightful ice cream!

It was such a blessing that I was at the store and able to get Tylenol (and ice cream!) when the first migraine signs hit, and that I made it home and took some in time to keep the worst from happening. I try not to take Tylenol very much at all, especially when I'm pregnant, but I have to admit, since I started getting migraines, whenever I feel a headache at all, I take some, because they have been known to develop from something that starts off feeling really minor. So, who knows how many times I would have gotten a minor migraine that I didn't because of that magical ability my body has to curb it when I take Tylenol in time.

Anyway, there was more interesting stuff I wanted to say besides talking about my migraine (which has been residually with me all day), but now I'm out of steam. More later, I promise! 'Bout Little Chub!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's Catching Up to Me

It's finally getting to me, all this time of Peter being gone all day and evening/night long going to school and studying. It's not so horrible, really, but he's so busy this quarter, while Little Chub is starting to experience separation anxiety, so not only do we barely seem him for more than a few minutes on some days (I know, many of you have experienced much worse...), but Little Chub often doesn't want to be held by him because she's in a Mama phase, and that's sad. And the reason that it really finally started getting to me this morning is my stupid dreams this morning. In one, he was not being himself--he was refusing to see any logic and arguing with me and making me very angry, and in the other one, we were watching a (non-existent in reality) movie with some cheating going on and in that way that dreams have, we became the people that the movie was about, and it was no longer a movie but reality. ARGH! When I have dreams like that, I wake up with the emotions of the dream and even though my brain realizes they were dreams, I still have the chemicals/hormones/whatever floating around in my body that accompanied those emotions, and I have to make an extreme effort to change my attitudes. It's not fair to either of us to have stupid dreams affecting my behavior.

Anyway, we should be able to have some time with Daddy home for a few days now, and it makes the busy days worth it, because these days will be better, with less homework.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

To Crave or Not to Crave?

That IS the question!
Whether 'tis nobler of the woman to suffer
The cravings and salivations of a usurping pregnancy,
Or to take food into her willing stomach,
And by succumbing end them?

What to do, what to do, to prove to Pop that I'm not a fool...

Sometimes my head is just full of these things... Strangely enough, the second has nothing to do with the first... I'm such a nerd.

Anyway. I never really feel like I get "strong pregnancy cravings", but all the same, I always get foods into my head while I'm pregnant that I don't normally think of when I'm not. This causes me to make purchases at the store that I wouldn't normally make, even though I rarely purchase the actual food item that would fulfill the so-called "craving". Yesterday, I decided some lime potato chips would be great. Mmmmm, it sounded so yummy, and I'd been wanting a BBQ with the whole hamburgers and potato chips thing for a few days anyway, so it was following along the same lines, but the LIME part was inserted, and quite necessary. I've also really been wanting popcorn. (Peter pointed out that both potato chips and popcorn are the best nutrition empty form of salt and fat he can think of. He has a good point...) So, at the store today, I got (in addition to the french bread) some popcorn (94% fat free butter) and some sour cream and onion Baked Lays. Hmmmm.... no lime. The chips did not cut it, AT ALL, but at least I kept the fat and calories to a minimum while succumbing my agency to pregnancy. I haven't had any of the popcorn yet. We'll see... I should just make a rule stating that I am allowed to indulge in a craving for 1 out of every 4, or something like that. I really don't get many, I swear!

I'll let you know about the popcorn...


We went for a simple dinner tonight. I've really been wanting something bready recently, which was sad, since we were pretty much out of flour, so I couldn't make anything. So, when I went shopping today, I decided to spring for a loaf of french bread at Safeway (which, here, is $1.59) because I just couldn't wait the necessary 12-18 hours it takes to make my favorite bread (I usually just put it together and let it sit overnight, which is really the easiest way to go about it). So, it turned out that Peter needed a quick dinner anyway so he could rush back off to school and work on his homework with his study group. When I found out, he was going to be home in about 30 minutes, and was only going to be home for about 10 minutes. It worked out perfectly! We had really yummy french bread sandwiches!

My sandwich:
french bread
low fat mayo
Dijon mustard
thinly sliced colby jack cheese
sliced turkey lunchmeat

Peter's sandwich:
french bread
cream cheese
olive oil
thinly sliced colby jack cheese
sliced turkey lunchmeat

It turns out that as Peter was riding his bike home, he was thinking to himself that he didn't want chicken on rice with a sauce (which is pretty standard here, though the sauce can be one of MANY things), and that he would really prefer something with bread. Hehe! Yay! The sandwiches really hit the spot for both of us. Mmmmmmm! It was sooooooo good!

In addition to the sandwiches, we shared a pear and an orange, and Little Chub and I each had yogurt.

We All Fall Down

Ok, maybe you don't. But I do and we did! This morning Little Chub and I were riding Peter to class on my bike, and as I was turning around to head back home, my back tire rode onto my flip-flop, and down we went! Little Chub cried really hard for a minute or two, and her hand flesh was shaped pretty funny, but since she was wearing her helmet (thank goodness!), her hand was the only thing to be injured, and that only happened because she rests her hands on the outside of her little seat instead of on the bar in front of her. I got a scrape on my elbow and my knee. Thank goodness we weren't really moving when it happened! It was pretty embarrassing, though, that it happened on campus because a lot of people were around, including an old man who was probably a professor, and a college aged woman/girl who gasped and came running to help (which was very nice of her). I didn't end up needing any help though because Peter had only taken a few steps away from us, so he came right back and offered to come back home with us if we needed it, but it turned out we didn't, and everything is fine. I find it quite ironic that I fell on my bike and it had nothing to do with being pregnant. And my Little Chub is such a trooper! She is such a wonderful baby!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not So Bad

I really am not quite as down as I might seem, but house upkeep is a big frustration of mine right now. In order to keep this house clean, that would have to be all I do all day everyday because there is constant pooey all over the place. So, instead of blogging right now, I'm going to go clean the whole house again.

This Is How Uncool I Am

*My house is never 100% clean. There are always piles somewhere, or the bathroom is dirty, or there are a few dishes undone, or Little Chub is playing with the entire contents of her toybox, or..., or..., or...
*We have absolutely NO schedule to speak of, no regularity in pretty much any aspect of, at least my and Little Chub's lives.
*We are not organized or neat
*On top of this, we don't ever even DO anything anymore. Little Chub and I get bored bored bored! I can't wait until the summer, so we can go swimming and stuff, and by then she'll be walking, and maybe she won't shovel sand in her mouth anymore...

Anyway, I'm not really so upset about all of this stuff. Our house is almost always presentable, but we do find it QUITE challenging to keep out the clutter, since our apartment is so small, and clutter reduction often requires at least a little bit of money spent on boxes or bins, or bookshelves, or things like that. Inspired by KT, I think I'll spend the extra couple of bucks on clutter reduction supplies, once I have an idea of how to go about it, and I can sacrifice purchasing something else that I might not need so much. Our biggest frustration with our day to day house cleanliness is the clutter (not that it's horrible, but I hate any of it really and I try not to let it get to me, but sometimes, when I look around and see an otherwise beautiful house, it drives me NUTS). Whule I'm at it, our carpet drives me nuts too, because it is not fluffy, and it is dark, so EVERY SINGLE TINY SPECK shows up on it, meaning, as soon as I'm finished vacuuming, it looks like it needs to be vacuumed again. ARGH! Oh yeah, and our bed is really creaky. That's annoying too.

Now haven't I just brightened your day?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Feeling Like Eyeore

I got kind of tired of putting down everything I eat. Maybe I'll pick it back up later... tomorrow, or 3 months from now, or never...

I've been feeling like there is a little bit more on my shoulders than normal, I don't know why. I've just been getting a little bit stressed about really little things that don't normally bother me, such as:

*My library books that were due 6 days ago (about 7 or 8 of them) that accrue fines of 25 cents a day, each...
*Having to file our tax return and stressing about all of the little things I might be supposed to mention, and trying to remember what year things happened--I don't want to be guilty of tax fraud or evasion...
*Money in general, because even though things are going pretty well, because of a one time student loan we got, we applied for the loan in October and STILL have not received the money, even though the credit for one of the kinds of loans shows on our account, and the other was already approved and we signed the MPN and everything...
*Health insurance, for me and for Little Chub--Little Chub qualifies for California State Health Insurance (Medi-Cal), but since she turns 1 in a couple weeks, she'll be kicked down to Healthy Families, which costs a tiny amount, unless I turn my application in, and since I'm pregnant, our income limit is higher, but I can't turn it in until Peter makes a copy of his paystub, since I can't take a picture of it and print it like I normally do because our printer is out of ink...
*I keep forgetting to send the NetFlix movie out in the mail, which makes me feel like we're wasting money because I'm not maximizing the number of movies we can get each month, but our apartment doesn't have an outgoing mail slot, which gets really irritating because we always have to go find the nearest blue box...
*The little messes that constantly reappear all over the house because I'm the only one who cleans (which is how it always is, but sometimes it just starts to get to me)
*Little Chub knocking over the standing lamp for the billionth time, and having it dent

I think that's all. And you see, that's not even very much going on. Why am I feeling stressed/burdened/mopey? I think I need more vitamin B...

We're going to go play with Little Chub's friend in a few minutes. That should be nice. In the meantime, maybe we'll dash over to the library and turn in the movie and take care of two of those stressors.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Food, 2/1/07

Toasted Corn Pockets (fake Chex)

Small bean/cheese/sour cream burrito (really small)

Um...some neighbor church friends had us over for dinner. I ate a lot. It was so yummy!

Which reminds me! They had some homemade raspberry jam that one of their grandmothers made, to eat on the biscuits, and after eating some of that, I will never eat store bought jam again! It was SOOOOOOOOOOO good! I want to learn to make my own, except, berries cost a lot. Maybe I'll make some strawberry jam this summer or something... Anyway, they gave me one of their jars of it! Yay! How nice!

~40 oz

The Other White Milk

I like to consider myself a pretty reasonable person. Logic really appeals to me. I was led to The Lactivist Breastfeeding Blog by Issylthesthlia. The National Pork Board does not seem to be behaving in a reasonable, logical, rational manner! If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to The Lactivist blog. It's always best to hear something straight from the source anyway. I get so riled up when things like this happen, regardless of whether or not it's an issue that I already feel strongly about (and breastfeeding happens to be one that I DO). Needless to say, I am pretty riled up about this! I let the heat of the moment go, and I still feel pretty annoyed. Annoyed enough that I'm considering making my own T-shirt that says "the other white milk" on it, just so The National Pork Board can see that they won't get anywhere by bullying people into complying with their understanding of what infringes on their trademark of the phrase "the other white meat". I, personally, think owning a trademark of a phrase starts to infringe on our First Amendment rights anyway. I realize that they believe they have a foothold because she was actually selling the shirt with the (similar) phrase. She is potentially making money on something that "piggybacks" (that pun wasn't originally intended) on the wittiness of someone from their company a long long time ago, and they alone should be the ones making money on that oh so clever phrase "the other white ____". Right?

Ummm... NO!!! "The other white meat" is such a generic phrase! Milk has nothing to do with meat, or pork, and while the phrase about the milk appeals to us because we already know about the phrase, it does nothing but attract attention to the existence of the phrase, in a light that every human being should see as positive! Who WOULDN'T want to be associated with the healthy aspects and benefits of breastfeeding??? Unfortunately for them, The National Pork Board probably didn't realize that messing with breastfeeding advocates was probably not a very good idea. There are few groups in this country that unite as effectively as pro-breastfeeding women, and some of the things they said in the letter they sent to The Lactivist are only going to aggravate most breastfeeding women and pro-breastfeeding people in general.

And then of course, who would I rather sympathize with, in a battle between a large profiting national company that exploits pigs and a small blogsite that donates its income to a Mother's Milk Bank? That's not a tough choice for me...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Food, 1/31/07

Bowl of Reeses Puffs

Leftover pasta from the night before
~8oz Cocoa Energizing Soy Protein w/ supplements
A few small chunks of cheese (meant for the baby)

TWO bowls of Reeses Puffs
More small chunks of cheese

A pear
More chunks of cheese
4 bites of Peter's burrito

~40 oz

Notes for yesterday: Cereal was a bad thing to have for dinner. Even though I had two bowls, I was hungry again in a couple of hours. Then, the pear didn't fill me, and the cheese didn't satisfy, and it wasn't until I had a few bites of Peter's burrito (a REAL meal food, for me anyway) that my brain said Ahhhhh. The pear was really yummy though, and I still think it will normally be a great snack. But, all in all, I am very embarrassed about what I ate yesterday...