Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Good Song

Okay, I discovered another great song that I love, despite myself.

What do you think? (honestly--even if you hate it) This song came out in 2006. That surprised me.

A Day of Celebration!

Today is a big day for me! Today is the day...drumroll please............. I have officially met/gone lower than Peter's weight! Woohoo!! That was goal number two (which incidentally, only happens to be three pounds lower than goal number 1). Goal number three is about 5 pounds away. This is a slow process for me (though steady, thank goodness), so it will probably be a few months, but, that goal was my original bottom goal. I've now changed my official goal to ten pounds below that, but regardless, I'm pretty happy with the way things are right now! I'm within the healthy weight for my height, and I haven't been there since I was 19 or so. Yippee!! What should I get to celebrate? I was originally going to get some pants, but I'm thinking a dress might be best... (I'm thinking going out to eat might not be the most fitting celebration...)