Sunday, February 28, 2010

Here we go again...

Alright peeps. You're so lucky! I was reading through my blog of the weeks before and after Littler was born and I decided I need to have some sort of record of this whole late pregnancy/birth/postpartum thing. is 31w 1d. Not like you care, but I've gained about 17-18 pounds so far. This could be fun to know in the future, especially if I gain like 20 more in the next 9ish weeks... Luckily, I've still been able to run 3 times a week, along with Cardio Dance once a week (I LOVE that class!) and the gym once a week. I'm really determined to exercise for as long as I can in this pregnancy. Some days feel better than others, and some days I'm faster than others, but all in all, exercise is awesome! I have a written goal to run to at least 34 weeks, but of course I'll stop before that if something comes up. I'm sure in a few years I'll care about this, so, here's what it feels like to run: my breathing is rarely challenged because I can't move my body fast enough to get my heart rate above what I'm guessing is something around 150 bpm (thank goodness for updated exercise guidelines, btw!); I have a round ligament on my right side that really likes to spasm or something, every once in a while, and when that happens badly, I HAVE to walk, or even stop--luckily that's only happened really bad twice; my lower legs BURN when I run, especially for the first 15-20 minutes, but I think it's because that part is usually uphill, because hills really seem to exacerbate the problem; my pelvis is sometimes in pain while I'm running, but not bad enough to make me want to walk (I've used how I feel the rest of the day as a gauge to make sure I'm not overdoing it); despite all of these things, my overall running experience each time is positive--when I'm finished I'm sweaty and have lots of endorphins, which makes it all worth it!

Aside from exercise, on the days that I spend too much time standing or bending, I get reeeeeaally bad sciatica on my right side, which is somewhat crippling (seriously). I need to stop doing that, but I don't notice until it's been too long and then it's too late and the rest of the day is shot. Luckily, I wake up all better.

Littlest feels like a big doofer already. He's always up in my ribs and such and likes to kick me in two places at once.

Oh yeah, and I've been having way less Braxton Hicks with this pregnancy than with either of the other two. Who knows what that means. Maybe nothing. But maybe this one won't be as early as the other two? I'm okay with that. So far...

That all sounds kind of negative, but those are the only things that stand out right now. Really, overall I feel good! This pregnancy is going really well!