Sunday, June 24, 2007


I'm pretty sure you all know this already, but we've been super busy!! We're in Tucson right now, babysitting for my parents while they're away in Seattle and Anacortes for a weekend getaway, and we leave Thursday morning to go straight to Seattle to start our big Alaska trip! This is crazy! We'll get back home August 2nd, but I think we'll have some internet access along the way. That's the plan anyway.

Before this trip, we came to Tucson for my sister's wedding in the beginning of June, and Chris and Andrya and their kids all crashed in our little apartment for a few days, which was an exciting adventure. (They're great houseguests, by the way... You can't beat having guests who completely clean your house before they leave!!! That brought tears to my eyes. [Thanks Andrya!!!])

Among all of that, my mysterious pain started occurring with a vengeance, until a few days ago when I discovered that it might be because of being chronically dehydrated. I've curbed it a few times now with TONS of water, and I guess we'll see from here if that always works.

I'm 28 weeks 1 day pregnant now--3rd trimester! And Little Chub was sick twice recetly, but now she's all better and back to her normal self, which we REALLY missed! I think I had forgotten how cute and well behaved and wonderful she is when she's feeling well. I'll try to post some pictures someday soon.