Friday, July 27, 2007

Trip Pics part 7

Trip Pics Part 6

Trip Pics Part 5

Trip Pics Part 4

Trip Pics Part 3

(We're standing in the arctic Ocean in this picture... ~35 degrees!)

Trip Pics Part 2

Trip Pics Part 1

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today is 32w5d

Wow. Somehow I've made it into the 30's (weeks...)! As of tomorrow I will be due in only 50 days. That is crazy to even think about. With Little Chub's pregnancy, by the time I got to this point I was totally ready to just have her and be done with being pregnant. This time around, I feel like I've barely been pregnant at all! I think having a baby/toddler helps a lot to help the time go by, not to mention a month long vacation. So far, I have had none of the edema I had last time, and I'm pretty sure my weight gain is moderate, although I have no idea how much I've gained while I've been gone. Not being able to swim feels crummy. My arms are so soft now. Anyway, my clothes all still fit. In fact, most of my pants are too big for me, especially the ones from last pregnancy. Woohoo! Of course, lots can happen in 7 weeks (or even 9). So, here are some pics we've taken. I'm trying to swallow my pride and put them up, even though I don't like how I look in any of them. (This is what happens when your husband cares more about making the scenery in the picture look good. He truly does not understand why people think they do or do not look good in certain pictures...) [Side story: Peter says to Grammy, "Wow, I think this picture of you is the best portrait I've ever taken." Grammy approves of her picture and says, "Yeah, it's a great jacket." Peter says, "I didn't even notice the jacket."]
Okay, here are some pictures (around 30 weeks or so):

I lied--this shirt is too small now. It's more of a transition shirt:

Little Chub's Lexicon

Well, here we are in Hyder, AK, with only a few more days of our big trip left, and I've FINALLY gotten a few moments to spare to put something on this blog. First, since this blog is a journal of Little Chub, I have to mention that between leaving for this trip and now, her vocabulary has exploded to the point that we can no longer think of and write down every word she says. At the ripe old age of 17 months, the last time we counted, she had over 150 words!! And she learns more and more every day. (They only count if she uses it on her own without prompting, consistently.)

Aside from that, her hair is getting longer, but not long enough for people to always know she's a girl when she's wearing yellow or red, and she's absolutely LOVING playing with Grammy and Grampy. She likes to give them kisses and five. And all of her clothes are stained now, due to the absence of Spray and Wash with our laundry. That's Little Chub's update. Now I'll try to put some pictures up. But here are some teasers, just in case Peter highjacks the computer from me to add even more pictures to it.

Brushkana Creek, Denali Highway, Alaska

With view of Mt. McKinley (Denali) on the Parks Highway, Alaska

In front of a Matanuska Glacier (it's actually to the left of this picture) on the Glenn Highway, Alaska