Saturday, April 24, 2010

Prodromal Labor...?

I seem to be experiencing prodromal labor again (like with pregnancy #2). Last night I was up for a few hours counting contractions and unable to really fall asleep all the way because they were strong enough to keep me up. I promise I did try! I even had to get out of bed for my body to do that "cleaning itself out" thing pregnant bodies like to do before they go into labor. I'll be honest and admit that I was pretty sure it would develop into the real thing and we'd have a baby by now. But then I got a minor migraine and things faded away to being less frequent and not quite as strong. I've still been having pretty constant contractions, but they're not painful. Anyway, it's progress, even if it doesn't tell us anything about WHEN this will happen. Now, it's time to go plant our tomatoes and take the kids to the pool, because we can't count on being able to do it next Saturday!


Real said...

Do you know what position your baby is in? Sometimes that happens with posterior babies.

brittney said...

ahhh! its coming up. You've been very gracious to wait as long as you have for me. I appreciate your efforts. Although, I'd rather you just have the baby while I'm gone if its going to cause you to feel pain and loose sleep. See you tomorrow!