Wednesday, April 21, 2010

38w 4d--Still here!

Well, today is the day that this little doofer would have been born if he were 10 days early like both of the other two. I honestly didn't expect him to be as early as them though, and it turns out I was right. (Not like I could ever actually know something like that, but whatever.) I guess you could say that small things are happening that tell me that I'll be having a baby soon, but nothing that screams "He's coming!!" (More frequent Braxton Hicks, a little bit of mucus plug--no bloody show (sorry if that's TMI for anyone), and a loooooow baby...) For now, I'm content to wait the however long until he's born. Ask me in 10 days, and maybe I'll be more impatient about it. I AM starting to get tired of going to my prenatal appointments though. Once a week is pretty annoying when there's nothing new to do or say. Just that darn weighing every time, which is a pregnant woman's torture.

On the bright side of things, right when I was about ready to cry uncle from the burning pain in my leg while running, baby shifted a bit, which seems (maybe?) to be the cause of the burning dropping to a background level. Running is enjoyable again! I was lucky that it was only torture for a couple weeks or so. I know you're not supposed to say things like this, but I'm really proud of myself! I know not everyone has circumstances that will even allow them to exercise the way I've been able to, and I'm VERY blessed to be able-bodied through pregnancy this way, but it also took a darn lot of hard work. Very hard. So excuse me while I pat myself on the back a little bit. (I'm simultaneously saying a prayer of gratitude.) I'm such a dork.

Anyway, that's pretty much the update. I'm all ready for this baby--clothes cleaned and put away, carseat installed, pack'n'play bassinet set up against our bed, at the same exact height! (even though we probably won't use it much at the beginning), bag packed for the girls when they're babysat during labor/birth, labor food ready to put in the cooler, list of things for me to grab quickly before leaving for the birth center. What else is there? We've even got the house in a pretty constant state of clean and mostly clean (including laundry being put away, which is my biggest challenge).

So, bring on the baby! Or not. The girls are in a pretty tough stage right now, which is why I'm so content to wait if that's what happens. It's kind of weird to think I'm about to add another one right when we're in the middle of one of our parenting crises (which seem to come every 3 months or so). Angels angels demons angels angels demons, etc.

Unless something interesting happens, the next post with words on here will probably be one telling you all that we are heading off to have a baby. But stay tuned for some more belly pics in between if nothing else is happening!


aaron and joni said...

hooorayy....good luck with the waiting and being patient. Also good luck with the parenting crisis....hopefully they will be in their angel stage shortly.

little mama said...

Sooooo exciting!! Good luck and way to be patient and prepared! (I've never been that prepared except for with M)

Peg Lewis said...

Well, since a new baby changes everything, maybe they're going to change into angels!

I hope he's one of those babies that gets to have all the finishing touches he needs. He'd be a minority, of course. GREAT that he has great parents!

Can't wait to play in the courtyard and read lots of favorite books and peek at Miles from time to time!

brittney said...

thanks for the update! I'll pat your back too. Great work.